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La Belle Juliette – Tea Time!

The former Hotel Ferrandi, close to the Bon Marche was transformed thanks to the talents of the decorator Anne Gelbard in 4-star hotel with 34 rooms is dedicated to Juliette Recamier (who was at the hotel Necker under the Consulate) and His great love, Chateaubriand. The bar wraps Talma the afternoon tea fragrance. Harp, fireplace, cakes under glass, old books …
Tea time. Alain and Corinne Bisotti Moncel, the hostess, dreamed of one day having tea with Madame Recamier and Madame de Stael. Now, we drink tea from Ceylon in fine china and it tasted homemade pastries by Agnes (fruit pies, crumbles with pineapple, toast to the old or for the mad lovers of chocolate, “Chateaubriand).
Bravo. We love the cozy and romantic setting that captures the musical and literary salon of the beautiful Juliet.
Damage. We look forward to a greater range of tea.
Formula: gourmet tea (tea and pastries) of around 15 €.

La Belle Juliette, 92, rue du Cherche-Midi, Sixth.
Tel. : +331 42 22 97 40. Reservations recommended. http://www.labellejuliette.com



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