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Getting in & around Paris

By metro : Public transport : Paris convention and visitors office

New: Improvements to night-time transport in Paris

The entire Parisian metro service will operate on Saturday evenings until 2.15 am and on Friday evenings until 2.15am.

By metroThe quick and easy way to travel around the city, as well as the best value. The Paris metro has around 300 stations, their entrances marked by a big yellow “M”, and 16 lines, numbered from 1 to 14, 3 bis and 7 bis. Each line has a colour, which you’ll find on signs in the stations and on all the RATP maps. Connections between lines make your journey easy to plan. For an idea of your journey time, allow an average of 2 minutes per station and add 5 minutes for each connection.

Each line has two directions, indicated by the terminus station at each end (for example: Balard/Créteil). The different directions and connections are clearly displayed on blue and white signs on the platforms and in the tunnels. To be sure you’re heading in the right direction, check that your destination is on the list of stations just before you go down onto the platform. Inside the trains, you’ll find network maps and the detail of the line you’re on along with all available connections to other parts of the network.

Maps of the public transport network, in all shapes and sizes, are available free of charge at the ticket offices, as well as at the all the information centres of the Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau. Large-scale maps are also displayed on the platforms and at the entrance to each station.

Météor line 14The metro operates every day including public holidays from around 6am to 0.30am. Times of the first and last trains vary depending on the point along the line that you are departing from. Trains are less frequent on Sundays and public holidays. Illuminated signs above the platform indicate the length of time until the next train arrives. Fast and fully automated, the newest line 14, also known as Météor, offers a regular service throughout, Sundays and public holidays included. On this line, a verbal announcement indicates the name of each stop.

Your white-coloured ticket remains valid for 2 hours until you leave the metro by going though the exit barriers. If you then take a bus, you need to use another ticket. If you happen to have kept some old green or yellow tickets from an earlier trip, you can still use them.


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